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What Makes Us Different

Free Forever Plan Free plan covers basic needs for small investors
Customized Portfolios One Account, Many Portfolios
Follow as many portfolios as you like
Major Crypto Assets Blend your portfolio with Major Crypto Assets in a single account
No Percentage Fees Flat subscription fees for paid plans, No mater how big your portfolio is
Actual Stock, Not ETFs Actual companies in your portfolio, No more ETFs based portfolios
Full Automation Fully automated system, No human interaction

Fair Pricing For Everybody

Free Forever

Best for Passive Investors
$ 0 / Mo
One Base Portfolio
Monthly Rebalancing
Unlimited Account Balance
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Best for Sophisticated Investors
$ TBA / Mo
Up to 5 Portfolios
Weekly Rebalancing
Unlimited Account Balance
Coming Soon


Best for Institutional Investors
$ TBA / Mo
Unlimited Portfolios
Daily Rebalancing
Unlimited Account Balance
Coming Soon

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Paper trading feature is offered through partnership with Alpaca.

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